earth, art, function

Artemateria brings together innovative contemporary
designers and artisan communities in the developing
world. Our goal is to support artisans integrate
their millinery techniques into art products that
are high quality, unique, environmentally friendly
and functional. The final result is an avant-garde
product with a soul -faithful to the people that
gave it form and in harmony with their traditions
and surroundings-
Arte Materia


Artemateria founding members share a passion for design, business, and social
conscience. We have combined expertise in Development Economics, Business
Administration and Operations Management. Our vanguard Designers work on a
project based manner and communicate with the R&D team of forefront companies
to create exclusive products. But our true success comes from our artisan's
capability of creating products imprinted with a magical universe.


Artemateria has a global view and we reach out to those that share our vision and values. One example is our
strategic partnership with AID TO ARTISANS working with Mayan embroiderers and Weavers in the Highlands of
Chiapas, Mexico: A culturally rich, but economically impoverished area were we collaborate in our mission of
artisan entrepreneurship and dignity.


We take pride in being a social conscious business. We
work with extremely talented yet impoverished communities
in an effort to safeguard rare artisanal skills passed
throughout generations. Our goal is to help provide a
continuous and fair source of income, prevent displacement
and enable artisan communities to preserve their traditions
and way of life while gradually improving their living conditions.
Arte Materia


Artemateria strives to make the most of the interdependent world we live in by integrating social
objectives with sustainable market-driven forces. We are committed to come full circle: Training
and empowering artisans, merging their talents with those of professional designers and offering
refined and rare products that exceed the expectations of high end edgy consumers. Artisans
integrate to a competitive global market while enhancing heritage and dignity.
Arte Materia


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Mayan greeting that translates: How is your heart feeling today?
A collection were Patterns and colors are hand woven by indigenous
women into elaborate works of art: A rich symbolic language that
speaks of ancestry, tradition and pride.
An inventive expression of form utilizing natural and sustainable
elements keeping the fragant aroma of the citrus fruit.
Art pieces are molded by hand out of natural fibers from the
Opuntia plant. Artesian technique reflects an organic process
that ensures sustainability. Each plant is carefully selected
as fibers are sensitive to the cycle of the plant and and formed
into functional art.
Baskets and Containers with a modern simplicity derived from
sustainable and readilly available natural fibers and a millenary
tradition in the hands of skilled artisans.
Contemporary hand beaded objects depicting patterns and symbols
featured in ancient tradition.
Elaborate hand embroidery that merges modern inspiration with
tradition in whimsical motifs of plants, animals and natural
This collection includes contemporary and vintage textiles
that we make into one-of-a kind pillows as well as pieces and
curiosities that are of hight craftmanship and tell a story.
All are handpicked objects made by skilled artisans and evocative
of -art, earth and function-
The Lagos collection distributed by artemateria is inspired
in basic and primitive objects that combine decorative and
functional art. Lagos talented designers make emphasis in
simple forms and the essence of the materials: A proposed
equilibrium between the primitive and the contemporary context.